Our Quality
All our products are manufactured according to highest quality standards fulfilling, and very often exceeding, requirements of current IEC standards.
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Our Technology

More than 50 years of Elektrobudowa's history resulted in intellectual assets and experience of designers as well as operational experiences coming from Customers - users of our equipment. We also carefully observe trends in development of switchgear equipment worldwide. Thanks to our achievements in high technology our switchgear products can be used in any place, where electric power has to be delivered and distributed.

More than forty design engineers of our manufacturing plant in Konin, Poland create very powerful and effective technical team. The designers create modern solutions for switchgear and complete substations. The plant, having very modern manufacturing equipment, is permanently modernized. The est. 500 persons staff is very well experienced.

Medium voltage switchgear technology process starts from cutting and shaping metal sheets forming switchgear enclosure. Then comes painting, final assembly and acceptance tests.

Computer aided design

Our designers use PROENGENEER computer software being very valuable tool in design support process. All designed parts can be virtually modeled in three dimensions. The software automatically checks correctness of designed parts and is able to verify proper co-operation of structural elements and electrical equipment of switchgear.

Computer aided design

The software PROENGENEER as unique function of metal sheet dimensioning before bending. This feature eliminates mistakes which could arise during conventional calculation of dimensioning.

This software automatically generates technical documentation: from preliminary sketch up to complete design documentation and technological process on digitally controlled machines used for metal sheet processing.

Other computer aided design programs used by us in switchgear design are Auto-CAD, Logo-CAD and SEE Electrical Expert.

Metal parts processing

ELEKTROBUDOWA Konin Plant has a complete set of modern manufacturing equipment used in all steps of metal sheet processing used in switchgear production: cutting, cutting out, processing of hole edges, nibbling, shallow shaping, making ventilation holes and bending.

Metal parts processing

The equipment is installed in four technological lines for metal sheet processing, which together form one of the most effective technological installations of this type in electrical switchgear industry in Europe.

Metal sheet processing machinery provided by TRUMPF and AMADA are equipped with tools which guarantee modern technology, quality, high productivity and high precision of manufactured parts.

Ideal repeatability of processed elements is ensured. Cutting press type AMADA is equipped with 58 tools and bench with brushes providing protection of processed sheet's surfaces. Achieved accuracy of cutting is on the level of one hundredth of a millimeter.

The employees operating these bending machines input the program defining kind and order of executed bends. The stop stocks which fix position of bending edges are self-positioning with reference to programmed values. Bending machines process elements with accuracy up to three tenth of millimeter.

Powder painting

Powder painting takes place in completely automated production line and embodies following operations: degreasing, ferric phosphatizing, rinsing, drying, painting and sintering.

Powder painting

The elements are painted in electrostatic spray process at electrical potential difference 90 kilovolts with polyester or epoxy powders. Application of powder is automatic - or ,in short series, manual with paint brush. Design of painting chamber provides continues, closed circulation of painting powder. The powder not settled on element is returned and used again for painting.

Sprayed-on coat is sintered in time of 25 minutes at temperature from 160 up to 200 degrees depending of type of powder paint. The chemical reaction in this temperature makes coat staunch and hard.

The production line is 200 meters long and move with a speed of half up to two meters per minute. The parameters of process are checked on all stages of process, what allows to obtain repeatable high quality anticorrosive coats.

At last stage of painting process the thickness of coat is checked. The thickness of coat is 120 micrometers for structural coating and 80 micrometers for smooth coating.

On request we can use non-standard sort of paint and color.

The phosphating process improves adhesion of paint coat to the steel elements by creating additional layer of phosphate. This operation gradually improves anticorrosion resistance of painted elements. The paint shop has technical capability to execute the most demanding requirements of Customers.

Art of integration

Switchgear manufacturing is an art of integration: manufacturer's ability to put together hundreds of components coming from different sub-suppliers into on one effective system fulfilling needs of the Customer. Flexibility to use apparatuses delivered by different manufacturers is permanent and one of the most important elements of our product policy.

Art of integration

We use best components of reliable European suppliers like for example ABB, Siemens, Raychem, Areva, Kuvag, Arteche and Schneider Electric.

Our Konin factory is one of the largest switchgear manufacturing plants in Europe. Our manufacturing capabilities are exceeding 3 500 medium voltage cubicles a year.

All switchgear equipment manufactured by Elektrobudowa passed type tests in the independent, certified laboratories. Every cubicle before leaving factory is comprehensively tested and checked in program of routine tests to make sure that Customer will receive equipment operating properly and keeping highest quality standards.

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